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Digimon Masters Opens Beelzemon Server for Digimon Battle Players

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Joymax, a leading online game developer and publisher of free to play MMORPGs, have announced that a new server will be added today for its popular MMORPG, Digimon Masters. Beelzemon is the third Digimon Masters server and the first to be opened in a year. All new Players can join this new server and join all the events starting today on the 7th of May, after Digimon Masters regular maintenance.

To celebrate the opening of the new server, Joymax is holding a huge EXP event for all servers! Established servers will see not only double EXP during the festivities, but a 30% running speed buff on both weekdays and during weekends. Beelzemon server will see a double EXP boost during weekdays and a triple EXP boost during weekends, along with the 30% movement speed buff seen on current servers.

Tamers will be racing to the head of the pack during the level up event! With prizes for the top sixty players, it’s a rush to see which Tamers will be recognized for their devotion. The top 10 players with the most combined levels between their tamer and Digimon partners will be rewarded with a level 5 Tanemon. The next 10 tamers with the highest Tamer rank and the top 40 players with the highest Digimon Partner ranking will receive special prizes to be announced on the Digimon Masters Facebook. Partner Digimon include Gaomon, Lalamon, Agumon, and Falcomon.

With the closure of Digimon Battle, Beelzemon will be the new home for Tamers who had not moved over to Digimon Masters yet. Tamers can check out all events and updates at official Digimon Masters forums.

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