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Dekaron Action 19 Update Part 1 Now Available

The long-awaited Action Update 19 – Part 1 is available now for Dekaron. Dekaron is a renowned classic MMORPG with fast-paced brutal PvP and a sprawling world map full of quests to complete and dungeons to conquer. Featuring 11 character classes and nearly 10 years of playable content, Dekaron is a cornerstone of the MMORPG community. Eagerly awaited by fans for over a year, Part 1 of the massive ACT19 update to Dekaron includes new systems, enemies, weapons, quests and much more:

  • Delve into the depths of the Forgotten Underground Temple and face room after room of new deadly fast-respawning monsters in a new level 185+ dungeon
  • Collect resources and learn either Weapon, Armor or Alchemy crafting Mastery to forge epic items. Create ultra-powerful Helpyron gear and take on Trieste in style
  • Experience revitalized PvP with rebalanced Character Classes
  • New Character Titles show off your Dekaron’s achievements to the world. Complete specific quests and challenges to collect them all
  • Added Costume Closet system frees up inventory space and allows hotkey swapping between favorite outfits
  • Growth Area Improvements, Expanded Chat System, and more!
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