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Defiance Boosts In Game Economy with The Exchange

Defiance Boosts In Game Economy with The Exchange

Due to fan demand, Trion Worlds’ action MMO Defiance is getting the biggest update to its online marketplace since launch, The Exchange. With easy search, sort and filtering functions, The Exchange will allow players to buy the items they need and sell items they don’t want with one another.

Additional details about The Exchange:

  • Patron Defiance players will automatically receive 4 exchange sell slots with a maximum of 6 additional purchases

  • Non-patrons will be able to purchase exchange sell slots from the Defiance store for bits

  • Once an item is purchased or sold, players can collect items and proceeds from The Exchange interface in the My Orders or My Items sections

  • A 10% scrip fee is deducted from proceeds for all sales as a transaction fee

  • In order to post an item on The Exchange, a scrip fee is required up front depending on listing duration, rarity, and asking price

You can read more about The Exchange in Defiance on the official Trion blog here.

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