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Dawngate Patch 26 Brings Big Changes

Think you know Dawngate? Think again. Waystone Games has just overhauled every aspect from the moba itemization to the map layout to their unique system of role assignment in parties in what amalgamates to one of the heaviest reworks we’ve ever seen in a single moba patch. Some of the highlights include:

Reworked Game Mode/Map – Updated feature sets to intensify various gaming scenarios

Updated Item Set – All items have been updated to enhance the player’s experience

New System Balance and Role Tuning – Every Shaper’s base movement speed and attack range has been increased by 11% with plenty of changes to Role VIM rates and other individual balance changes across the board.

Removal of Binding Respawns – This unique element of gameplay seems to have disappeared with the patch.

The rather lengthy full details including a complete listing of the itemization changes and numerous Shaper rebalances can be read of the official site.

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