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Dawn breaks in Ether Saga Odyssey

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Break of Dawn, the latest expansion for Ether Saga Online, has just released.

The update introduces a new dungeon, Monkey King’s Gauntlet, designed to be run up to two times a day for levels 105-114 or 115-120. Bosses drop loot that will let players obtain new items including Jades of Aptitude, which reduces the level requirement of gear, and Dragon Marrow, which can increase the quality of Jades of Aptitude.

Hairstyles have also been made to be non-race specific, and new fashion items have hit the market.

Ether Saga Odyssey is published by Perfect World Entertainment, which also publishes Jade Dynasty and Blacklight Retribution.

Ether Saga Odyssey – Break of Dawn:


New adventure: Monkey King’s Gauntlet. Two level ranges, 105-114 and 115-120, can get the map twice per day at the Mapkeeper.
Bosses drop Coffers and Reliquaries which will be unlocked via the Heaven’s Repository. Among the item they contain are:
*Jades of Aptitude – reduces level requirement of gear
*Dragon Marrow – use to increase the quality of Jades of Aptitude and refine Superb Jades into Superior Jades

New Ingot exchange NPC with the following:
*Superb Jades

Hairstyles are no longer race specific

Until the end of May you may gain Clock Tokens and Card Sweep Tokens by remaining logged in for 2 hours. You may gain these 3 times a day.
Clock Tokens are used for the Years of Experience quest at Cloud Creek.

The snow is gone from Pokari.

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