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Cultures Online launches Asian expansion

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Cultures Online has launched its free expansion that adds a new culture for players to explore in Asia.

Players can create a new village in Asia, and continue to explore through raids, adventures, and expeditions available at level 50 for vikings. The new content rings in with a total of 30 new expedition areas and 300 quests, plus new buildings, items, technologies, and enemies. As part of the update, the maximum level has been raised to 120.

Cultures Online is published by gamigo, which also publishes Loong, King of Kings 3, and Golfstar.

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Cultures Online – Set sail for Asia!

Hamburg, May 4, 2011 – Today‘s the day: A new culture has been introduced to the building strategy game Cultures Online. The people of Asia have a lot planned and want to expand their little village into a prospering metropolis. And they’ve got a ton of new content to do so.

Players take on the role of leader of a new village in the Asian countryside and head out on adventures and raids. Vikings who have reached level 50 can also head out on expeditions to Asia to complete new quests there. The maximum level has been raised to 120 and new high-level content has also been added.

The most important new features at a glance:

  • An entirely new island where a new village can be built
  • New buildings
  • 30 new expedition areas with 300 quests
  • Unique new opponents
  • New items
  • Cultural differences between Asians and Vikings
  • Asian technologies
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