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Crusaders Quest Super Smash Battle Now Live

Crusaders Quest Super Smash Battle Now Live news header

TOAST, the publishing brand of NHN Entertainment USA, introduces massive updates to the PvP combat! With the Super Smash Battle, Crusaders Quest ramps up the dazzling combat with Divine Beasts of the Goddesses, 7 new Legendary Heroes, and new Soulbound weapons!

The spiritual Guardians of the Goddesses have arrived to defend Hasla! Command unique Divine Beasts for each of the Goddesses you’ve unlocked and prepare for battle. Recruit the beasts to your side, and fight against other Divine Beasts in epic PvP modes! Send waves of 3 Heroes into battle led by the Goddess Beast of your choice!

  • Windwolf – Sera’s massive wolf claws through opponents! This wolf is trained to dodge blows and evade attacks.
  • Grent – Prestina’s tree ent is perfect for chopping down foes! This golem of wood specializes in healing and defending the heroes.
  • Lizarking – Anut’s lizard warrior crushes and assaults the advances of enemies! This giant lizard leaps to counterattack and interrupt opponents’ strikes.
  • Aquinas – Aubrey’s ice elemental drowns adversaries under a torrent of powerful waves! This summoned magical force has honed controlling the special hero effects across the battlefield.
  • Draco – Bella’s dragon incinerates the competition into dust! This drake delivers massive, devastating attacks to the competition.
  • Stronkey – Dionne’s yeti lord smashes with precise, pounding strikes! Get too close to this icy behemoth, and you’ll be smashed into oblivion by Stronkey’s close quarters brawling expertise.

Level up these Spirit Monsters by battling against other opponents. Collect more Growth Points (GP) to empower your Divine Beasts abilities as you progress through the 9v9 competition. Upgrade your Divine Beast for each battle in the arena. Use the Growth Points to turn your Spirit Monster into the best Divine Beast in the entire kingdom! Defeat your opponent’s Divine Beast to win huge amounts of Honor!

We’re also bringing 6 new Soulbound Weapons to your favorite Heroes: B.Sworden, Mundeok, Arona, Mondrian, and Chai. Head to the Fortress of Souls for your chance to unlock these mythic weapons and devastate the enemies of the Goddess with dazzling attacks and destructive abilities!

7 New Heroes are being added to the long list of Hasla’s finest as Victoria (Warrior), Hector (Paladin), Atalante (Archer), Tia (Hunter), Uriel (Wizard), Beatrice (Priest), Orfeo (Priest) join the Crusaders camp. 2 Heroes will be unveiled at the update’s launch, and the remaining 5 will appear a little later on.

Seek out the Treasure Goblin lurking in Hard Mode. Defeat the cretin before he runs off with a massive stash of Gold and several other bonuses and goods! Whenever this Treasure Goblin pops up, unleash your Heroes’ skills to take him down and steal his stash as fast as you can.

Find the map to the Nest of the Divine Beasts and raid the homes of these spiritual monsters for special rewards! A powerful wizard left behind a series of maps leading to the lairs of great spiritual guardians. Raid the lair and have a chance to receive incredible powerful Berries!

Use the new Berries to increase particular stats on your Hero permanently! Choose the recipient of your Berry boosts wisely as it will last forever! With different grades of berries and different bonuses, you can customize and strengthen your characters wherever they show weaknesses. Seek out these berries for their unbelievable bonuses:

  • Increase all of the hero’s stats by 2%
  • Increase the Great Success Rate for Skills
  • Increase the hero’s Attack Power
  • Increase the hero’s HP
  • Increase the hero’s Armor
  • Increase the hero’s Resistance to magic.
  • Increase the hero’s Accuracy
  • Increase the hero’s Evasion
  • Increase the hero’s Critical Rate
  • Increase the hero’s Critical Damage
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