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Crusaders Quest Celebrates Summer with Hot Rewards

Whether you’re brand new to Crusaders Quest or a returning veteran, there are some exciting events going on starting today that you won’t want to miss! Take part in the daily claw machine drawing to obtain a hero and weapon, perhaps legendary if fate smiles upon you! Plus you can kick fate in the teeth and forge your own path by sharing the event on Facebook, Twitter, or LINE to up your daily chances from 10 to 20! That’s of course just the start of the fun. Get the full details of summer events below.

•    My Sweet Summer Event – Come back to Crusaders Quest for the summer and get yourself 1 free Hero and Weapon during this limited time event!  This celebration is only available between 07/28/2016 ~ 08/11/2016 07:59 (PDT).
•    Share the Event with Friends – Don’t hog all of the Heroes and Weapons for yourself!  Get your friends and family involved in this limited time event.  Whether you have friends that haven’t played in a while or friends that haven’t downloaded CQ yet, there are rewards for everyone!
•    Return to Hasla – Get Bridget Points – Come back to Hasla and experience the new feature, Bridget Points!  These Bridget Points can be turned for your choice of Legendary Hero, 4-Star Contract Hero, or Soulbound Weapon!
•    New Player Bonus Giveaways – Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to join Crusaders Quest!  There are dozens of benefits for new players, and if you join during this event, you’ll have 2 full weeks of login prizes!

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