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Crusaders Quest: Action-RPG + Match 3 Puzzler Announced

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Crusaders Quest

NHN Entertainment USA announced today that Crusaders Quest, the real-time action-RPG and matching game from the company’s mobile and PC game publishing arm TOAST, is set for launch for Android and iOS on Dec. 4 of this year.

In advance of the upcoming launch, players can pre-register in order to receive special characters, items, and in-game currency on launch day. The more players that sign up, the more prizes everyone will receive. Currently, the users who have already signed up have earned 6,000 Gold, 10 Jewels, 400 Honor and a Three-Star Hero, but even more valuable and desirable rewards are still available.

Featuring real-time fast-paced combat, Crusaders Quest showcases classic 8-bit graphics and the best elements of action, RPG, and matching games. Players can choose from one of six unique classes and recruit more than 200 unique heroes.

Full information is available at the Crusaders Quest Facebook Page, and players can pre-register here.

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