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Crusaders of Light Receives New Raid and More in Recent Update

Crusaders of Light Game Profile Image

A new update has come to Crusaders of Light that shakes it up in a pretty big way! This update includes the launch of a new PVP mode, the Battle Royale, Windwhisper Survival, a new raid in Kothas Foundry which includes two new bosses, and one of the biggest additions that players have requested in Transmogrification! Players can now customize their gear, mixing and matching your appearance as you see fit. Windwhisper Survival pits champions against each other in a dangerous landscape for the ultimate battle royale. Heroes will have the same attributes and it’s up to them to find items and be the last person standing. As they spends time there, a poison mist creeps over the land, forcing them to duke it out in an ever-shrinking battlefield. It’s an exciting update and should have something for all types of players!

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