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Crowfall Rolls out Race/Class Options At End of First Campaign Test

Good news for Crowfall fans and testers alike! Race/Class selections have come to the Crowfall Test Server! This comes hot on the heels of a successful Campaign test phase, where the campaign worlds were able to be explored on a 24/7 basis. More info on the race/class offerings can be found in the link below. “Launching our first Campaign test was a major milestone for Crowfall. With major features like castle building, fog of war, capture mechanics, and sieging, Campaigns go a long way to helping us achieve the promise of Crowfall,” explained Gordon Walton, ArtCraft president, and executive producer. Unlike most MMO servers, each Campaign World is a one-off and unlike any worlds in the game, past or future. Only the most determined factions or guilds will conquer a world, but they are most welcome to try!

“Now that Campaigns are live, we can start testing the new Race, Class and Discipline customization system. Players now have an unprecedented degree of character building,” explained J. Todd Coleman, Crowfall’screative director. “Dozens of unique race/class combinations and hundreds of weapon styles and subclasses allows for millions of unique character combinations. Players can design a unique character build that has never been seen before.“

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