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CrimeCraft lays out April patch plans

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A new post from CrimeCraft’s developers have laid out the early plans for the patch that will be coming in April to the MMO shooter.

In the plans are a revision to PvP Scoring, removing the cap and limiting instances in which players can receive a negative score. The system will also account player level and their kill-to-death ratio in determining the relative strength of players compared to one another. Because of these system changes, players can expect to see the scoreboard reset to allow a fair chance to rejudge players under the new system. PvP instances that end before the timer will also no longer penalize players’ XP gain.

April Preview Announcement:

Hey guys,

First of all, from in-game chat I think most of us can agree that the patch that launched March 9 was a big success. I hope we all agree that we are going in the right direction! We’re not taking a break, however, and our next patch will be coming in April. We don’t have a solid date yet, but it’s likely to be mid- to late-April with a very small chance of slipping to early May.

I just got a big stack of design documents from the dev team this week and I’ve been carefully reviewing them for some highlights to share with you all.

We’ll start out with the PvP Scoring system as this has been a pretty hot topic since we introduced it back in December. You’ll all be happy to know that we have listened to the community and most of these changes are based on your feedback.

First of all, we’re drastically limiting the circumstances under which a player can receive a negative score. We understand that players can feel cheated when they win an instance, but still manage to lose PvP score (I know I feel that way!). It’s still going to be harder for higher level characters to gain score, but overall, this revamp will better reflect a player’s skill as a killer.

At the same time, we’ll be removing the cap that’s currently in place so the true cream can rise to the top.

Another hot topic has been the handicap system that’s based solely on player PvP scores. Players provided us with a lot of feedback on this subject, and again, we listened to what you want and we’re going to deliver.

The new system coming in April will take into account player level and their kill-to-death ratio in determining the relative strength of players compared to one another. We’ve already implemented changes to more fairly apply the handicap to player attributes, and we will continue to balance and tune the system for a more fair and balanced game for all players.

Leader Boards
With the April patch, we will be resetting the leader boards and letting them repopulate. With the new PvP scoring system, we believe this will give the players a much better representation of who the top killers are in Sunrise City and who is to be feared when you see them enter a match!

One more thing …
I’ll leave you with a tease of something else we’re working on for April. Have you ever hesitated to cap that last point in Turf because there was still time on the clock and you didn’t want to get less XP for that match, so instead you stood around and farmed the opposition for three or four minutes? Well, we’re making a change so that instances that end before the timer runs out don’t penalize players in XP!

Much like the March patch, we will continue fixing bugs and improving the game, so you can also expect a fix to the sniper rifle issues and other issues.

These changes are in addition to the Night Clubs and the Prologue tutorial that were delayed out of the March patch and, if things progress as we hope, will be in the April patch.

We are listening to you and we value your feedback, so please keep it up! We want to know what you think!

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