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CrimeCraft F2P model revised

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CrimeCraft has patched its servers today with a large update that includes a rework of the F2P model. Free-to-play characters will now only get experience, loot, and cash at about half the rate of subscribing players, have bank tab limitations, and be charged higher in-game cash for services.

The patch also introduces daily tournaments, a new 32 player map, and various fixes. The full patch notes are below.

CrimeCraft Client Patch version
March 9, 2010

New Features

• Reworked F2P model
o F2P character can be customized
o F2P character gains experience and loot at a 50 percent rate of subscription characters
o F2P character charged more by in-game vendors for goods and services
• Daily Tournaments
o Tournament UI added
o Tournament implemented on three maps
Olympia Mill & Lumberyard
Isopach Oil
Othello Sky Bridge
o Tournaments are 4v4 Shootout matches
• 32 Player Map
o Delosville map found in Downtown at Officer Gunner features 8v8 up to 16v16 Shootout matches
• New Premium Items added to Black Market vendor
o Made Man and Maid Murder outfits added

Functional Changes

• Virtual Memory error fixed in all test cases
• Mail system adjusted to allow system mails from NPCs

• Weapon fixes and tuning for all bots
• Added delay before first shot for Clearshots and Shockwaves
• Adjusted bot grenade ranges
• Bots given access to abilities
o Active Camouflage
o Flash Grenade
o Shock Grenade
o Smoke Grenade
o Molotov [filtered]tail
o Healing Boosts
• New Bot types added
o Heavy
o Berserker

• Additional Statistics
o Ability usage tracked
• PED grenade inertia adjusted
• Molotov [filtered]tail optimized

• Map upgrades and optimization
• Reflection issues fixed
• Instance Handicap indicator improved
• Smoke intensity adjusted on Olympia Mill for increase visibility on maximum video settings
• Grass textures improved
• PED grenade texture resolution reduced and color changed

• Connection timeout increased to aid low-bandwidth users

• Drugs rebalanced
o Bess action time changed depending on drug level
o Niks duration changed and regeneration rate increased
o JellyJoy no longer nulls Stamina
o Climax bonus values decreased
o Majoun bonus values decreased, healing rate increased and negative resistance values decreased
o Wood duration changed
o Kesey effectiveness reduced
o Frenzy effectiveness reduced
o K-Dust effectiveness reduced

Game Play
• AR, SR, LMG, SMG and Pistol recoil and spread adjusted for balance
• Spread adjusted for semi-automatic weapons
• Pistol and Sniper burst fire disabled
• Rocket Flight trajectory improved
• Rocket explosion particles updated
• Weapon effects updated
• Grenade fall trajectory improved
• Player death animation and explosion reaction animations improved
• Stack auction prices adjusted
• Bots added for Federals faction
• Lobby NPC draw distance increased
• Robbery bag return process made accumulative
• SHOT score subtraction for suicides added
• Players awarded points for returning money bags in ROB
• Bags fixed on radar display in ROB
• Visual indicator added for points awarded when capturing enemy flag in SNG
• SNG flag return time adjusted
• SNG matches that are tied default to kills to determine winner; display updated to reflect this
• Uncontrolled TURF positions return to Neutral when unattended
• SFG enemy waves changed and game length increased by difficulty
• SFG Defense Core HP increased, Triad Destroyer’s HP increased
• SFG Changed view of Triad bots
• SFG Fixed bot grenade cool downs
• SFG Removed Courier from Easy difficulty
• SFG Level gated entry to Safeguard matches
• Damage display added over target

• Help pop ups added in craft window

Gang Hall
• Gang Leader can invite non gang members in hideout

• Loot drop chance increased

Bug Fixes

• Broken items no longer can be equipped
• Received PvP score removed from Gang War loot window
• Gang War invites can be sent to leaders who are not in the lobby but in gang hideout

• Rogue Destroyer kills properly scored

• Right click detonation explosives adjusted to work properly with other abilities
• Ability use when stunned fixed
• Heartbeat Detector regeneration removed
• Direct Injector system fixed to remove stacking bug and adjust cool down times
• Explosion Dampening Field fixed to apply to grenades
• Medkit with Enhanced Metabolism pop up text fixed
• Sonic Grenade dance defense fixed
• Othello Sky Bridge SNG invisibility exploit fixed
• Improved Detection ability fixed to detect proximity mines
• Heart Detector detection bug fixed
• Handicaps adjusted to effect abilities
• Experience boost AUG fixed
• Active Camouflage ability fixed
• Killshot ability animation fixed

• Undefeated achievement fixed to complete only on proper circumstances
• Achievement list updated to show account specific list
• Gang achievements fixed

• Olympia Mill & Lumberyard draw distances improved for railings
• Sunrise Harbor trash art changed
• Old Sunrise City Hall and Mackenzie’s Sports Center rag dolls falling through the world fixed
• Midtown Square reflections fixed
• Flag locations fixed
• Fire animations improved
• Lighting effects changed
• World Holes fixed in Midtown Square, South Canal Spillway, X-Align Shipping, Misuki Tower and Center Street Station
• Collision detection improved in Olympia Mill & Lumberyard, Municipality Warehouse, X-Align Shipping, Douglas Avenue Labs and Oceanside
• Lighting issues and disappearing textures fixed on Midtown Square, Old Sunrise City Hall and Downtown
• Ad placements in Downtown fixed
• Various lobby and instance litter/graffiti fixed

• Weapon attachment and mod kit tooltips updated

• Pricing limits adjusted
• No item found error fixed
• My Auctions tab now shows item function description

• Bank slot functionality fixed
• Item disappearance fixed

• Oceanside camera clipping fixed

• Miscellaneous system messages updated
• F2P message clarification when a player is unable to accept a quest

• Biker Jacket tears fixed
• Sandals texture updated and tearing fixed
• Ninja shirt defects fixed
• Santa skirt tearing fixed
• Belt texture fixed on Gentle Kamika Chinos
• Santa boot tearing and collision fixed
• Melee damage modifier reduction fixed
• Auction House clothing incorrectly highlighted red fixed
• Divine Sada Tankers hole fixed
• Shirt tearing fixed
• Default men’s pants tearing fixed
• Lithe Ninja Tabi tearing fixed
• Shoe clipping on Reinhold Museum TURF matches fixed
• Price added to Premium Vendor tooltip

• After repeated use, global cool down is applied to all drugs

Game play
• Infinite sprint with jump stab fixed
• PSP round animation glitch fixed
• SNG timer glitch when holding enemy flag and returning own flag fixed
• Riot assist scoring fixed
• Courier combat log display fixed
• Flag glitching/manhole drops/water drops fixed
• Triple S Decreaser 3B-112 removal/boost use fixed
• Shotgun hit display effect fixed
• Aiming distance/dispersion areas effect added
• Level 50 damage to bots reduced
• Character bodies killed in warm up still on map at match start fixed

Gang Bank
• Gang Bank UI unresponsive error fixed
• Gang Bank sorting menu stays open error fixed
• Gang Bank withdrawal money value error fixed
• Weapon withdrawal attachment loss fixed

Gang Hall
• Gang logo display fixed
• Gang hideout changes save error fixed

Gang War
• Gang Hideout invitation error fixed
• Lobby Gang War invitation error fixed
• Gang War notification to players not signed up fixed
• Gang War start countdown added

• Petition status disbanding error fixed
• User cannot participate in Gang Wars due to account type error fixed
• Account type gang member kicking error fixed
• Gang buff bonuses display error fixed
• Undefeated achievement completed error fixed

• Leader rights error on leader departure fixed

• Unsubscribing from a handicapped instance menu screen errors fixed
• Groups entering instance without confirming handicap error fixed
• Instance name display added to handicap UI
• Handicap UI requests updated
• Handicap gang war application fixed
• Handicap application to attributes adjusted
• Melee attack damage to higher rating characters fixed

• UI text updated

• Unsubscribe error fixed with Handicap screen
• Options -> Controls error that reversed strafing keys fixed
• ESC UI closures fixed

• Deletion page number error display fixed
• UI text updated
• Mail lag issues resolved
• “Take All” item deletion error fixed
• Blacklist mail interaction fixed

• A City Under Threat (Original Gangster mission) chat message updated

• Some NPC appearance updated

• Loot from containers tab location error fixed
• Character movement error when opening containers fixed

PvP Score
• Score display errors for repeatedly leaving an instance fixed
• UI display errors fixed

• Takin’ Over the Streets counter glitch fixed
• Trading In, Trading Up step A completion notification added

• Smoke Grenade radar display fixed
• ROB and SNG safe and flag locations on radar fixed
• Minimap Directional Pointer fixed to track player orientation, not camera POV

• Trade Termination error message when making auction bids at the same time fixed
• Sale price error when splitting an item stack fixed
• Trade glitches with characters in Gang Hideout fixed
• Trading error text with F2P characters fixed

• Tooltip added for the AUG-slot
• Premium vendor shoe colors don’t correspond for Prime Sada Tankers and Valuable Sada Tankers
• Titles interface UI textures fixed
• Message displayed when attempting to equip a quest-specific shotgun updated
• Robbery loading screen message updated
• My Auctions Cancel button error fixed
• Stockpile loading screen message updated
• Friendlist UI updated
• Number of players displayed during match warmup fixed
• Quick Play button (P) and Cancel (C) interaction with PvP-board fixed
• Free player Ability lock display fixed
• Trial account ability and boost tooltips fixed
• Instance Difficulty icons improved.
• Multiple UI text upgrades
• Instance sorting upgraded
• Screenshot button (F9) fixed during the final score board
• Character’s level display in gang interface fixed
• Tooltips for Municipal vendor fixed
• Newspaper deletion error while viewing fixed
• Multiple UI window text position and spacing upgraded
• Multiple system chat messages upgraded
• Multiple UI button functionality fixed
• Multiple Icon displays fixed
• Gang Bank sorting fixed
• Player rank updated in paper doll interface
• Radar not disappearing in instance when user dies fixed
• After the character unstacks items he cannot move. After repeated opening movement is possible again
• Buy_gold_bars: when pressing “Buy gold bars” the system opens a reference for purchasing T-shirts instead of Gold Bars
• Cost to Buy Statistics now indicate when statistics are not available
• Group icon character head display error fixed
• Inventory sorting options fixed
• Tooltips added in Auction House statistics
• Gang upgrades option now indicates what the benefits will be
• Tracking Button functionality fixed
• Map display of Turf War captured points fixed
• Lawnmower 2 completion with a full inventory fixed
• Difficulty levels for STP X-align Shipping and LXM Port Complex are not indicated
• Medals displayed in backpack fixed
• Job lock error when leveling up with job window open fixed

• Abbreviations of the item name in the table fixed
• Table column overlap in the advanced auction search fixed

• Group invitation failed – green color of message

• Weapons show improvements from ammo magazines in their statistics
• Grenades thrown when crouching fixed
• Grenade Launcher right click explosion error when right clicking during reloading fixed
• Knife trace displays fixed
• Double grenade display error fixed
• Character grenade collision fixed
• Cluster Grenade explosion animation fixed
• Sparks from shots against blue-color metal fixed
• Cross-hair errors fixed

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