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Conquest arrives in Faxion

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Patch 1.52 has arrived in Faxion Online, bringing a host of changes plus new content.

New in the patch is the Sin Nexus Park, which grants quick travel to contested zones; two Conquest quests in each zone that reward Faith; a new Faxion Bar; the ability to use faith to purchase equipment from zone vendors; the ability to conquer Limbo; and the Armageddon System, which will trigger a worldwide event when a faction reaches 5,000 world points.

Faxion Online is published by UTV True Games.

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Faxion v1.52 Patch Notes

New and Expanded Systems

• The Sin Nexus Park has been added to Purgatory City! Head just Southwest of the Guild Hall for quick travel to contested zones
• Conquest quests have been added, two per each zone. One quest requires the player to participate in the territory control battle, and the other requires the player’s faction to win the territory control battle. Conquests are a good source of Faith, so for those level 20 and above, be sure to grab ’em before leaving Purgatory City!
• The Faxion Bar has been implemented across the top of the User Interface. Check it out, it’s pretty spiffy.
• Faith can now be used to purchase equipment from the zone vendors. However Your faction must control the zone to interact with Faith vendors, so get out there and win!
• Limbo can now be completely conquered! Controlling zones now contribute to your faction world point total. The current Heaven vs Hell score can be found on the Faxion Bar
• The Armageddon System is now online! First faction to reach a total of 5,000 world point triggers their version of the world wide event


• Due to a number of significant adjustments and bug fixes, all players have received a free ability respec. As part of this respec, gold spent obtaining the skills and training time will also be refunded
• The Seven Deadly Sin Zones have been returned to neutral control status. Go forth and conquer!
• The training cost of abilities outside a character’s primary class have been increased by 1
• While activated, Stand Strong now gives a stackable (up to 7) minute-long defense buff every 6 seconds to all allies within range. Though this ability drains stamina while toggled and significantly reduces the casters movement speed, it provides some awesome bonuses to you and nearby allies
• Stand Strong, Assail, and Herald have moved positions in the training trees
• A new Sprint ability is granted to all found in the General tab. Good for a quick burst of speed to either make a hasty escape or to run your prey down cheetah style. Be sure to rank it up, for great success! It’s important to note that toggling Sprint triggers a 10 second silence on the user, so use it strategically
• An area-wide faction chat channel is now available for both Heaven and Hell characters. Coordination is the name of the game. Well, technically Faxion Online is, but Coordination was a close second. Yea, let’s go with that >.> Oh, and type /faction to use this channel
• Fixed an issue where players could not interact with some quest givers of the opposing faction. Judgment and Hunt quests are now available to both Heaven and Hell characters
• The King of the Hill territory game has been adjusted. The point control will revert back to neutral if no faction members stay within the control area. Please note that point control is not the same as zone control, which is checked at the end of every 3 hour contest
• A new Login Screen is now in place. Way easier on the eyes, right? I’m diggin’ it
• While a vender window is open, just right-click on items to sell. No more shift-right-click


• The Who list is now faction-specific. You’ll have to track your enemies down the old fashion way – by creating an alt. Oh come on, you know you will, we know you will, just admit it
• New Logoff timer: 20 second disconnect timer when logging out in a PvP zone
• New disconnect timer: Your character will remain in-game for one minute if you are disconnected (closing the client counts as a disconnect). If you re-log during this minute, you’ll go straight to your character in-game, bypassing character select
• Fixed an issue where hair color was not always adjustable during character creation
• The font has been adjusted for chat windows, menus, and NPC dialogue
• Effect icons and timers located under the character portrait have been increased in size
• A new graphic is in place around character under the effect of the PvP Protection buff ‘Protected’. This buff is placed on character who have just logged in or zoned, and lasts 20 seconds. Characters lose ‘Protected’ if they attack or cast an ability
• Fixed an issue which could cause a crash if players adjusted their inventory while attempting to log off
• The Purgatory City Black List building now has a vendor area
• Fixed an issue where swapping chest armor would sometimes cause both armor textures to appear on the character


• Adjusting the hotkey bar key bindings now updates the character displayed on the hotkey bar
• New buff icon art in now in place in some instances where placeholder icons were being used
• Fixed an issue where wards would not go to wherever wards go after they become inactive
• Charge abilities will no longer continue to charge after caster death


• ‘Verdure’ and ‘Inspire’ now renews the buff duration when recasting it on characters who already have the buff
• ‘Refrain’ should now root enemies appropriately across all ranks
• ‘Petrify’ should now confuse enemies appropriately across all ranks
• ‘Discretion’ should now break confusion, roots, and incapacitations appropriately across all ranks
• Abilities in the Warlord line should now appropriately buff friendly targets at rank 5 and allies in an area of effect at rank 10
• The graphic for the ‘Refrain’ should now match the length of the root
• ‘Inspire Flight’ should now appropriately release allies from confusion across all ranks


• ‘Torment’ has had its description updated to no longer state that its affect spreads to other nearby enemies
• ‘Miasma’ should now confuse enemies appropriately across all ranks
• ‘Mental Ward’ should now extend enemy cool down appropriately across all ranks
• ‘Acid Rain’ should no longer generate ungrammatical chat spam
• ‘Death Blossom’ should now silence enemies appropriately across all ranks
• ‘Erode’ should now lower the target’s resistances appropriately across all ranks
• ‘Puncture’ has had its description updated to reflect its debuff duration increases at ranks 5 and 10


• ‘Penance Ward’ should no longer appear as ‘Tribulation Ward’ in the combat log
• ‘Penance Ward’ was causing higher than intended damage, and has been scaled back
• ‘Restoration Ward’ has had its cool down increased to bring it in line with other wards
• ‘Infernal Ward’ should now raise magic defenses appropriately across all ranks
• Fixed an issue where casting a ward caused the flux bar to appear for all Healers in the area
• The description for ‘Infinity Ward’ has been updated to explain its effect more clearly


• The quest “Help Me Escape” is now Heaven only
• The Disturbed Sailor associated with the quest “Zaebos’ Answer” has had his behavior modified. That sounds more Clockwork Orange-y than I intended it to
• Fixed an issue where Councilman Argus could become permanently hostile if the quest was abandoned while the player was in combat with him


• Baseline stats have been adjusted for a great many NPCs
• The art and coloration has been adjusted on all Misers, Overseers, and named mini-bosses in Avarice Canyons
• New NPCs will be making an appearance during the Armageddon Event
• Numerous NPCs have new outfits across the game
• Added Brunken Drawlers to all Sin Zones in the game
• Several Ascedia Peaks NPCs will now leash, including Ferdinand, Ulren, Colonel Sargos, and Bishop Killan
• Ascedia Peaks Heaven and Hell camps are now populated with new NPCs – Xerxes’ Hellguards and Paragons of Pride
• Loki and Archangel Michael now offer quests to take part in the Territorial Control battles
• Conquest Squires have been added near Loki and Michael. They give flavor text and explanations about Conquests and Faith
• Pyrite and his crew in Avarice Canyons have spread out and moved around


• Looted items will now always attempt to stack with similar items already in a player’s inventory
• Fixed an issue where items providing Force Defense would incorrectly state that they were providing Lightning Defense
• The number of remaining potions listed on the hotkey bar is now updated as they are consumed

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