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Conqueror’s Blade: Rattan Resistance Update Released

Conquerors Blade Rattan Resistance

Press Release

Global publisher MY.GAMES and developer Booming Games deployed the “Rattan Resistance Update” to expand upon the on-going content offering in the current inaugural season of medieval war MMO, Conqueror’s Blade. Players can download the free content update that invites five new units from the Rattan Army to the battlefield, alongside a raft of new PvE events.

The Rattan units hail from a region shrouded in dense woodlands, and they employ these natural defenses to craft unique and durable armor. This woven wood is impenetrable to all but the most determined assailants, who may still succumb if unlucky enough to be stung by the blade of the Rattan’s poison-laced weapons.

    Five New Units:
  • Rattan Roundshields (Melee Infantry Units): The main rank-and-file melee infantry of the Rattan Army, named after their woven bucklers. Wielding a Shortsword and Shield, they can move quickly and charge into combat.
  • Rattan Pikemen (Melee Infantry Units): The heavy assault infantry of the Rattan Army. Unlike pike infantry from other lands, Rattan Pikemen are an exclusively aggressive unit, using poisoned weapons to make up for their comparative lack of specialised tactics.
  • Rattan Vipers (Ranged Infantry Units): These archers are armed with common recurve bows often used by militiamen, but employ the use of poisoned arrowheads, ensuring any enemies who do not die outright from their wounds suffer for a long time afterwards.
  • Rattan Marksmen (Ranged Infantry Units): These crossbowmen are best used defensively in urban combat against lightly-armoured opponents. What their repeating crossbow lacks in range and clout, it makes up for in its great rate of fire.
  • Rattan Rangers (Ranged Cavalry): The Ranger Corps of the Rattan Army is both its reconnaissance element and its mounted combat force. Each trooper carries a repeating pistol-crossbow for short-ranged fire against lightly-armoured enemies, and a razor-sharp sabre which can cut through plate armour and flesh alike.

3 New Limited-Time PvE Events: Repel the Scourge of the Sea Raiders

As the war machine turns, it doesn’t just invite the rise of heroes. Villains too heed the call of war, and now the fortress at White Elk is at the mercy of the Sea Raiders! These scurvy sea dogs stalk the oceans, plundering and pillaging wherever their dreaded black flags drop anchor. Three new events will be available on a weekly basis, tasking players to defend a town, hold the line against waves of Sea Raiders, and save White Elk Fort from capture and ruin.

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