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Conquer Online Unlocks Your Chi

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TQ Digital has released a new Chi System in Conquer Online.

The Chi System, based off the spiritual force known as Chi in Eastern philosophy, allows players to unlock power from the inside of their characters. Players must unlock four gates (Dragon, Phoenix, Tiger, and Turtle) by studying each gate after their rebirths. Unlocking Chi powers grants players four random Chi attributes (from thirteen total types), and these can also be refreshed by adding new Chi points to change them.

As a celebration of the system, players who meet level requirements can gain weekly Chi packs and daily Chi to help them enjoy the new system.

TQ Digital also publishes Eudemons Online and Zero Online.

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NetDragon Digs Up Ancient Mystery In The Chi System!
Hong Kong – July 5, 2012 – Today, NetDragon Websoft’s most successful title, Conquer Online, will bring out a new feature, the Chi System. This enigmatic philosophy from the East is derived from the ideas in ancient China where Chi was perceived as a mysterious spiritual force that is contained inside the human body and other living things.

Unlike other equipment systems, Chi unleashes your power from the inside. Chi power is locked by 4 inner gates: the Dragon Gate, Phoenix Gate, Tiger Gate and Turtle Gate. Unlocking these will grant you additional attributes that provide you with incredible powers!

Apart from the four inner gates and Chi power, there are 13 kinds of attributes that will bring you the untouched experience of this new system! Not only that, but the players who meet the level requirements will be able to receive weekly Chi packs worth $14 to enhance your Battle Power!

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