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Commanders upgraded in Warstory

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The latest patch for Warstory: Europe in Flames, patch 2.5, has introduced new skills and attacks for commander units.

Commanders are now able to fire sniper shots at the enemy, and force enemy units to retreat to their last position. The commander’s passive skills will increase troop damage or health as well.

Warstory is published by Bigpoint, which also publishes War of Titans, Dark Orbit, and Battlestar Galactica Online.

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Warstory- Europe in Flames:

All new commander skills and attacks

Version 2.5 unleashes all new abilities for your commander: Use fresh special attacks within   the real time battles and support your troops with additional passive skills.

Munich, Germany – 20th May 2011 – Warstory – Europe in Flames is a free-to-play, massively multiplayer online strategy game set during World War II. With version 2.5 the commander takes on an even bigger role. Apart from all the achievements your commander collects, he is now able to provide your troops with additional firepower and abilities within the real time battles.

Apart from many passive skills like an overall damage increase of your troops or health point bonuses you will also fire sniper shots at the enemies which makes them retreat to their last position. These bring new tactical elements to the fight and let you find new combinations with all the other special attacks to defeat the Wehrmacht even faster.

In our community the Soviet Forces have been triumphant again in the last seasons: They captured Berlin first, before the US and UK troops could lay hands on the German capital city! Join one of the factions now and help liberating Berlin in the ongoing seasons now:

In “Warstory – Europe in Flames” you fight strategic real time battles all over Europe in a race to be the first to free Berlin with your faction. On the way to your goal you unlock new units, upgrade your forces and build up your officers to mighty leaders. These officers carry powerful special abilities like Blitzkrieg or Airstrike, which you’re using to defeat clever AI opponents. All is overseen by your Commander, who gains hard fought achievements within the wars (seasons) and whom you build up to a virtual legend. Choose between the Western Alliance (US and UK forces) and the Soviet Union, join the fight now and be the first to liberate Europe!

Available in English, German and Russian, “Warstory – Europe in Flames” has seen 10 seasons and more than a million battles since launch and players have spent hundreds of millions of ammunitions, oil and rations in their race to be the first to reach Berlin. To learn more and play for free, please visit

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