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Combat Arms updates UI

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Combat Arms has announced that in an update on Wednesday, the game will have an updated and revisioned UI. The new UI offers “a new, modern look, an improved Shop experience and enhancements to the weapon modification page.”

The shop window has had a chat window, search, tab navigation, and rearranged sorting. Players will now be able to access a list of the weapons in their inventory when modifying a weapon, see at-a-glance listings, and continue to access the chat window while in this screen.

Comparisons of old and new UI:

The Original Press Release:

New User Interface Enhances Gaming Experience In Combat Arms

Combat Arms will unveil an updated user interface in its planned content update, which is scheduled for Wednesday. The popular multiplayer online first-person shooter launched in Fall 2008 and has added multiple maps, game modes and dozens of new weapons and items. These updates help Combat Arms continue to offer the three-million-plus registered soldiers a great free-to-play gaming experience.

To help gamers enjoy a more streamlined experience, Nexon America has refreshed the user interface to accommodate the growing inventory and options. This new UI is designed to support the hundreds of weapons, gear, mercenaries and additional items offered in Combat Arms.

Three primary points of emphasis in this update is its new, modern look, an improved Shop experience and enhancements to the weapon modification page.

The new look offers a more modern and industrial look to the various loading, shop, modification and prep pages in Combat Arms. Players will notice the new look and several additions made to increase usability in the shop, including the following:

  • Search Function: Now it will be easier than ever to find your favorite weapon and quickly re-outfit between matches.
  • New item categorization: Find and filter items in a snap. Want to just see Shotguns? No problem.
  • Multiple sorting options:  Players will now have the option to sort by Name, Type, Price, or Rank.
  • Easier navigation: The new top of the page tab navigation makes it easier than ever to get where you want to go.
  • All items in one place: Now all weapons and items are present in one integrated shop.  No need to switch back and forth between the GP Shop and the Black Market in order to see the entire arsenal of weapons available in Combat Arms.
  • Chat window added in the shop: Now, players can stay connected to the conversation while outfitting for the next match.
  • More items displayed per page and easier scrolling: There’s no more clicking through pages and pages of items.  Scroll through our hundreds of items with ease.

Players will also have an easier time modifying weapons with these several additions:

  • A listing of weapons in the player’s inventory:  This makes it much easier to see at a glance all the weapons and the types of modifications offered for each individual weapon.
  • Chat window added: Don’t miss out on lobby conversations while personalizing your weapons.
  • At-a-glance listings: This makes things easier for you to check both your modifications inventory and the modification shop.
  • More items displayed per page with easy scrolling; No more clicking through pages and pages of items to find what you need.

Combat Arms is always available to play for free and download at To see the game in action, check out videos at YouTube and join the ranks on Facebook.

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