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Combat Arms prepares for NEMEXIS

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Players of Combat Arms will be treated to a new special update next week, January 18.

The content update will introduce a new PvE map, NEMESIS HQ. Here players will face off against enemy guards to reach and defeat the final boss, a gunship known as the Defensive Remote Engagement Assault Drone (D.R.E.A.D.).

The update also introduces four new abilities: Opportunist (loot a primary weapon from a fallen player), Spoils of War (get bonus GP for loot), Parting Gift (drop a grenade at your feet on death), and Relentless Ability (faster respawn in select modes). Players will also be able to use the new Quick Start feature to quick match in their favorite maps and game modes.

Combat Arms is published by Nexon, which also publishes Sudden Attack and Vindictus.


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Infiltrate NEMEXIS HQ

Nexon America will add a new PvE map and matchmaking features in the upcoming January content update for “Combat Arms”

The infected citizens are crying out for help to annihilate the illicit NEMEXIS Headquarters in “Combat Arms,” Nexon’s high intensity free-to-play, first-person shooter game. Launching on Wednesday, January 18, the January content update includes the game’s latest player-versus-environment (PvE) map, an expedited matchmaking system and all new player Abilities.

The corporation that unleashed the Overdose Virus will now face the consequences of the viral outbreak. The poorly controlled experimental virus had leaked into the city, causing the body count to rise. Players can seek revenge in the game’s most devastating PvE map, NEMEXIS HQ. Soldiers will fight through a mass of augmented enemy guards to destroy the colossal gunship boss, Defensive Remote Engagement Assault Drone (D.R.E.A.D.), in order to claim victory and vengeance.

Along with Wednesday’s content update, the new Quick Start feature will quickly match players with their favorite maps and game modes, including the new NEMEXIS HQ map. The NEMEXIS HQ experience will also be enhanced by four new Abilities. Nimble scavengers will now profit even more thanks to the new Abilities, Opportunist and Spoils of War. These two Abilities will allow players to loot a primary weapon from a fallen player and receive bonus GP for the loot. On the flip side, two additional Abilities will strengthen players at their deathbed. Parting Gift will drop a grenade at a fallen player’s feet, while the Relentless Ability will allow players to respawn faster in select modes.

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