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Combat Arms adds web achievements

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Combat Arms has overhauled their website to add new features for players: a new web achievements system, and a web accessible item mall. The achievements system resembles the achievements in Alliance of Valiant Arms.

The new achievements system has 65 medals in 13 different categories. Achievements also contribute to the Combat Score, and can be earned from both General Performance and Game Mode.

The item mall is now also available via the Combat Arms website, adding convenience for players on the go who want to purchase items without loading the game.

The Original Press Release:

Combat Arms Web Gets Explosive

Combat Arms adds Web site weapons shop and new Web achievements during Explosives Month

Players can stock up and show off from Combat Arms Web site with two new additions, a Web Shop and new Web achievements. Starting April 14, players will be able to purchase weapons and gear with NX from the game’s Web site. Players will also get a chance to collect up to 65 different medals in 13 different categories within the Combat Arms Achievement System.

Each of these new features will coincide with the game’s recent timed content release, which adds two new NX items, the AN-94 assault rifle and the cosmetic Wasteland Goggles, which are worn to protect the eyes from dust, shrapnel or other small particles.

Players who access the new Web shop have a convenient alternative while at school or on the road to shop for weapons and gear. Soldiers can hop on the Web site, browse, and buy whatever items they desire. The next time players join the battle, the purchases will be waiting.

The Web Achievement system helps players contribute to their “Combat Score,” which will benefit from each medal earned. The “Combat Score” measures overall achievement in the game. Players can now compare and compete with friends to become the ultimate Combat Arms player. At launch, medals can be earned for both General Performance and Game Mode successes.

Players can still capitalize on the blowout Explosives-related sales and events, which are part of April’s designation as “Explosives Month.” Nexon America will also offer a one-day sale for a permanent UMP submachine gun on April 21. Players can purchase this popular gun with 100,000 Gear Points, the in-game currency acquired through game play. To help players out, Nexon America is hosting a 100 Match Event. Players who play 100 matches will win a bonus 5,000 GP.

For more information about Combat Arms, players can always enlist at Facebook and view the battlefields on YouTube.

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