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Closers – Developer Interview about Wildhuter Seth

Closers - Seth Interview image

Not too long ago, we sat down and had a chat with the Closers developers, about the newest character coming to the game, “The Girl With Two Souls”, Set. She’s an interesting character, and so we were all too glad to learn more about her. In addition, Pre-Creation for Seth is now available in Closers, and Seth launches on September 10th, 2019. Don’t miss out on securing your name!

Ragachak: Seth is known as “The Girl with Two Souls” and is imbued with the soul of the demon Sekhmet. Is her story tied to any of the other Closers?

Closers: Seth’s story is closely related to other characters in Wildhüter. Bai Winchester knew Seth before she joined the team. When Seth ran away from UNION, Bai
came to find her and brought her back. This made Seth realize that there’s an adult that she could rely on. Seth is also deeply connected with Luna and Soma—even though they’re not aware of it. Seth’s story will be more compelling if you discover it yourself while you play the character.

Ragachak: The Wildhüters are all varied and interesting. What design model inspired this character?

Closers: Seth is a wild being who fights with claws. There are several very famous characters that use claws, you know. We’ve worked really hard to introduce that wild kind of charm to users
without being too derivative. Perhaps our greatest inspiration for the character Seth came from the famous manga, Yotsuba &! and her keen and predatory image was based on big cats. Matching the dangerous image with the cute character from the manga generated a nice synergy.

Ragachak: Where do you think her weaknesses lie when playing solo?

Closers: Her weakness is that she enters her empowered state slowly, compared to other characters. Her close attack range makes it difficult for her to deal with a large number of monsters.

Ragachak: Which of Seth’s abilities would you say are the developer’s favorites?

Closers:  I really like her combo skills. They switch very smoothly. With the Wild Nature Release buff stacked, her basic skills and special move work together interactively—reducing cooldown time and making it easier for her to use and control skills continuously. And I like “Seal of Selket,” which lets you make a choice between skill enhancement and normal casting, depending on situations. I hope you like this powerful skill. You can use it once you promote Seth to a Novice Agent.

Ragachak: What other Closers would you say synergize well with her, to maximize her usefulness on a team?

Closers: Misteltein. He can make up for Seth’s weak points, and greatly increase her damage.

Ragachak: As a more melee-focused Closer, does Seth have a recommended combo that players ought to know about?

Closers: Players will want to take the time to read Seth’s Skill Cubes. They are very important to understanding her skills, since utilizing her combo skills is a must to play Seth well.

Ragachak: What are the ideal stats that Seth players should focus on when picking up gear?

Closers: Players should focus on Psi Power skills.

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