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Closed beta launches for Mythos Global

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Mythos Global has begun its four-day long closed beta test, lasting from December 2 until December 5.

The beta test will feature all three classes (Bloodletter, Pyromancer, and Gadgeteer), five new dungeons, and guilds that allow over 10 players to join together for special bonuses. Mythos was previously published in Europe by Frogster.

Mythos Global is published by T3Fun, which also publishes Hellgate Global and AIKA Online Global.

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Become the King of Dungeons: Mythos Global Closed Beta Begins Today
Join a Guild and Power Through Five Never-Before-Seen Dungeons in this Long-Awaited MMORPG

LOS ANGELES – December 2, 2011

Today Mythos Global, Hanbitsoft and T3Fun’s upcoming dungeon crawler, begins its four-day closed beta testing period. Beginning December 2nd and ending December 5th, players with beta keys will have exclusive early access to the fantasy world of Uld, a planet where gods strive to gain power and influence their followers.

During the beta test, players will have the chance to band together with new friends to form guilds of over 10 members! Joining up with a guild will ensure safer travels in the five never-before-seen dungeons available to crawl and loot their way through. In Mythos Global, players can choose from three unique classes to mix up the action. Let the blood be your guide as a Bloodletter, raise flesh-burning flames as a Pyromancer or arm traps, bombs and mysterious machinery as a Gadgeteer.

To join the beta, visit one of the partner sites currently distributing access keys:

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