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Closed beta for Legendary Champions begins

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Without any forewarning, Aeria Games announced that Legendary Champions’ closed beta testing would begin today.

A DotA style game, players can choose one of sixty historic champions, including the likes of King Arthur, Beowulf, Sinbad, Dracula, Mulan, and Alexander the Great. Two factions are available for players to ally themselves on opening up faction warfare and choosing which heroes will become available.

More info can be discovered on our Legendary Champions page.

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The Original Press Release:

Legendary Champions Now Doing Battle in Closed Beta Test


SANTA CLARA, Calif. – September 1, 2010 – Aeria Games, a leading publisher of interactive entertainment, has initiated the Closed Beta Test (CBT) for Legendary Champions, the latest title to join its free-to-play catalogue. Starting today, players will be able to take an early look at Aeria’s new MMORPG, and get hands-on experience with some of history’s greatest heroes and villains, from King Arthur to Dracula.

Legendary Champions is a fantasy MMORPG which draws from many sources of culture to create a vast world filled with epic characters. Players will ally themselves with one of two factions and collect an army of heroes to aid them in solo quests and PvP battlefields, including DotA-style challenges with the game’s larger-than-life heroes. With over 60 iconic champions to choose, Legendary Champions allows players to decide, once and for all, who would win in a fight – Beowulf, Mulan, Alexander the Great, or Sinbad?

For more information about the game, and to get involved in the CBT, visit

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