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Cities XL Closed Beta Begins

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Cities XL, a unique city builder MMO that resembles Sim City, announced that their closed beta has officially begun. This likely won’t mean anything for most of us MMO gamers, as we won’t get a chance to play the game until it hits open beta or full commercial release.  I’m actually looking forward to playing Cities XL as it’s a totally unique MMO. After playing and reviewing so many similar games, it feels rewarding to actually review a unique game.

For those that haven’t heard of Cities XL, it’s basically a realistic Sim City MMO. Meaning, it’s a multiplayer city-building game. The game is scheduled to be fully released somewhere during late summer / early fall, according to the publisher’s website. The MMO elements in Cities XL, won’t be ‘cheap’ either, as the game takes place in a persistent world, meaning there aren’t any ‘rooms’ or ‘channels’. Everyone’s city is on the same planet. Players will need to work together to succeed in Cities XL, as trading will be an integral part of the game, as it makes more sense to specialize in generating certain resources and trading for the ones you need rather than trying to produce everything yourself. Cities XL is expected to launch as a free to play title, but that could change by the time the game is released. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for this game to be free to play.

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