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Chrono Tales Version 2.0 Update

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Breaking News! Chrono Tales Version 2.0 launches! After this update, the new Lv75 World Boss “Snow Bansbee” will emerge at the Snow Swirl with her vicious minions. Gamers can obtain new equipment from its drops. Another big feature of this update is Pet Synthesize system. Pets could be synthesized to enhance attribute. Below are more details about this new system:

Synthesize pet’s attributes:
According to the used Synthesis stones and the corresponding attribute of Sub Pet, your attributes will be added after merged with the main pet. The higher attributes are added after Synthesis, the better quality your pet will obtained. And the more attributes you want to add on your main pet, the higher level and quality of the sub pet is required.

Enhance Pets’ Aptitude:
Aptitude Reset Stone can help enhance your main pet’s Aptitude. The higher the total Aptitude of Sub Pet is, the better the reset results will be. But if your main pet has higher Aptitude than your sub pet, the Aptitude of your main pet may be decreased after Synthesis.

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