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Chaos Chronicle Guild War Update Now Live

Chaos Chronicle Guild War Update

Nexon has announced the launch of its first major update for Chaos Chronicle, Guild War.

The Guild War update introduces new PvP content, a Hero Transcendance system, and the Chaos Raid boss. Players will discover:

  • New PvP Seasons: Seven days of Free Season and 23 days of Regular Season let players watch opposing guilds for strategies during the free season before hosting individual ranked battles for rewards.
  • New Hard Mode Stages: Adventure Stages add an increased challenge.
  • New Manatech Tower Levels: Go from 70F to 90F.
  • Chaos Boss: Players can accumulate raid points to call forth the Chaos Boss for a major challenge.
  • Twelve Disciples Buff: The Twelve Disciples get a special buff effect to reinforce their skills and stats.
  • Hero Transcendence System: Players can exceed level 30/+6 on their heroes by fusing the same hero.

Players who log in can celebrate the update with 300 Rubies (plus a 6-Star contract for returning players).

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