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ChangYou Announces New MMORPG Blade Wars

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ChangYou, the same Chinese company behind Dragon Oath has just announced a new MMORPG called Blade Wars. Blade Wars was originally launched in China, but is now making its way to North America. The game runs o na ‘2.5D’ engine which means the visuals are a mix of 2D and 3D elements represented with an isometric camera view.

Blade Wars will launch with 5 playable classes and 3 races. There will be arena and guild battle PvP gameplay includes, along with an intricate combo system. The game promises over 99 Kung Fu attack animations which should make combat look more exciting. Blade Wars is slated for release sometime in Spring 2010 so keep your eyes open for more news, screenshots, videos, and write ups here at MMOHuts.

Full Release:

March 15th, 2010 – Santa Clara, Calif. – (US) Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of ChangYou Ltd. (NASDAQ: CYOU), today announced that the company’s highly successful MMORPG, Blade Wars, will be making its way to North America this spring. Blade Wars is a 2.5D Free-to-Play MMO that features an in-depth battle system and over 99 realistic martial arts moves.

Play as one of five classes Knight, Assassin, Shura, Warlock, or Warrior and explore a visually stunning world of ethereal beauty brimming with otherworldly inhabitants, mysterious enemies, and ancient secrets!

What sets Blade Wars apart is the deep, innovative battle system that will reward players for making good choices in battle by emphasizing player decisions rather than pre-calculated formulas. Players can perform unique kung fu actions that combine to create powerful combo attacks. They also can prove their superiority through a unique “king of the hill” style pvp feature where players can claim and defend areas of the map against individual challengers.

Key features include:

– 5 Diverse Classes

– 3 Warring Races

– 99+ Kung Fu Animations

– Arena Duel System

– Intricate combo attacks

Blade Wars will be releasing in Spring 2010.

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