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Champions Online Update Brings Steel Crusade

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Perfect World Entertainment is thrilled to announce a new update for Champions Online – Steel Crusade – coming September 4, 2014. In the new content update coming to the fan-favorite superhero MMO, players will find Millennium City under attack by Mechanon, a robot supervillain determined to eradicate all organic life. It’s up to the players to explore new areas, investigate Mechanon’s nanorobot virus, and take the fight to Mechanon’s orbital satellite.

With the Mechanon storyline, Steel Crusade will include three new instances, the new United Nations Tribunal on International Law (UNTIL) Space Station mission hub, and a Reawakened Automaton Archetype.

Players will continue to see new content added with a second wave of new Steel Crusade content coming in late September – in conjunction with the fifth anniversary of the Champions Online launch – that will introduce a new open-world boss battle where players will be challenged to take on Mechanon himself with their fellow heroes.

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