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Celebrate Joymax Day with Silkroad Online and Knight Age Updates

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Joymax is celebrating Joymax Day across all their games, and launching two new updates for Silkroad Online and Knight Age.

In Silkroad Online, new characters will get a special package of cash shop beginner items, helpful with the 1000% experience event and a four-week max level race. The players who first reach 120 will get epic high-tier weapons and rare alchemy items on December 11. For every ten levels, players can earn extra bonus items including Resurrection Scrolls, Premium Gold Time Plus, and Inventory Expansion.

A new Rested Experience system is also being introduced to Silkroad Online, giving players up to 100% bonus experience based on the last time they logged off.

Knight Age players can get one of two new mounts, the three-horned triceratops or the big-eyed pink hippo, both available as rare drops from bosses in dungeons. The new field boss Helpache roams the forest, with high-end weapons available as loot for those that can bring it down. Also updated today is the Ruined Altar Dungeon.

Silkroad Online – Ignite Update Screenshots:

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