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Carnage Racing Launches On Facebook

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Jagex has announced the Facebook launch of Carnage Racing, their new racing game announced last month.

Players will be able to race around on a tropical island, fly through the air, warp through volcanoes, and blow up friends and foes to make their way to the finish line. Each race grants players experience and currency, which players can use to get better vehicles, weapons, and other special features and boosts.

Game Features for Carnage Racing also include:

– 8 way multiplayer races – Play with friends or against the AI

– Time challenge mode – throw down the gauntlet to your friend and see if they can take first place from your grasp!

– 13 Unique races all set on a scenic tropical island

– 5 cars with a total of 50 upgrades which can be applied

– 5 weapons with a total of 47 upgrades

Carnage Racing has got some serious industry talent behind it, with the developers behind the epic Midnight Club series at the forefront of the development of this game, aiming to bring console style gaming to this Facebook platform.

“Triple A gaming isn’t often associated with Facebook gaming and we are determined to change that,” Commented Jay Panek, Studio Director, Jagex US,  “We wanted to take all our experience from the Midnight Club series and apply the same quality and gameplay benchmarks in a Facebook environment.  The result is Carnage Racing, a massively addictive racing game where the main aim is not only the beat your friends to the finish line, but also the see how many of them you can blow up along the way!”

For more about Carnage Racing, check out OnRPG’s preview!

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