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Captains of DarkTide gets new publisher

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On a special message on their homepage, the Captains of DarkTide team announced the servers were down as they worked out a new deal with a publisher.

The message said they had “caught the eye of some large publishers,” and while the new publisher hasn’t yet been revealed, the data is being moved to better servers and being integrated with the new publisher’s service. Saga, on the other hand – Silverlode Entertainment’s other game – seems to be in their hands still.

Who will the new publisher be? Hopefully we’ll know soon!

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The Original Announcement:

Captains of DarkTide has received a lot of attention lately. Many new zones and features have been release and the first previews have been written. With all the good publicity, we have caught the eye of some large publishers and today we are pleased to announce that one of these publishers has seen the potential and offered to take Captains of DarkTide to the next level.

To facilitate the move to the new state of the art hosting facilities and to get CoDT integrated with all the cool features of the new publisher, we will be taking down the servers for a while. Once everything has been completed, CoDT will be back, better than ever.

While we cannot yet name our new friends, we feel confident that with their previous success record, larger team and budget Captains of DarkTide is in good hands. Keep an eye here for news about when the servers will be turned back on and for more information about how your favorite pirate game will be improved.

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