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Cabal 2 Reveal Trailers Compilation Post


It’s happening! EST Soft is at last pushing ahead with focus group beta testing for long awaited action MMORPG, Cabal 2! Over the past week the company has been secretly pushing a large batch of videos live ranging from dungeon previews to skill combos to even game modes. If you missed out, below you can find the full set of videos!

Cabal 2 Combo Attack

Cabal 2 Consecutive Skills

Cabal 2 Kill Move

Cabal 2 Heavenly Citadel Dungeon

Cabal 2 Forgotten Desert Temple Battleground

Cabal 2 Castle Vortex Battleground

Cabal 2 Hall of Reclusive Dungeon

Cabal 2 PvP Battleground Preview

Cabal 2 Lupers Excavation Dungeon

Cabal 2 Frostrock Forest Dungeon

Cabal 2 Force Shielder Battle Mode

Cabal 2 Warrior Battle Mode

Cabal 2 Priest Battle Mode

Cabal 2 Force Archer Battle Mode

Cabal 2 Wizard Battle Mode

Cabal 2 Force Blader Battle Mode

For more details on beta sign-ups, check out the official news post HERE.

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