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New Guardian’s Tower expansion available for C9

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Webzen has just released the fourth expansion for their dungeon-based MORPG, Continent of the Ninth Seal (C9). Starting today, the Guardian’s Tower will increase 20 levels up to the 40th floor. Players will have a chance to battle new monsters who invading the newly-updated floors within the Guardian’s Tower in Raebin , the Sixth Continent of Glenheim.


Among the new monsters appearing on 20th to 40th floor of the Guardian’s Tower will be the boss monsters originating from the First to Fifth Continents, such as Ixion from the Fourth Continent, Orc Kayl from the Third Continent, and more. Moreover, there will be new quests available for each newly added floor.

The evil Nefer and his army have invaded the Guardian’s Tower in Raebin to find Tertis’ Heart, a special power protected by the water dragon, Artesia. To save Glenheim from destruction, C9 players must battle their way through each level of the tower, while fighting off Nefer’s powerful forces.

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