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Business Tycoon Online launches 12th server

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Business Tycoon Online has expanded so much, they are now opening a 12th server for their players.

The server will be named “Monte Carlo.” To celebrate the launch, players will be rewarded with two treasuring hunting events: one to reward whoever can find the most treasure, and one to reward all players for their hard work in treasure hunting.

The Original Press Release:

BTO’s 12th Server “Monte Carlo” to be released May 13th

In response to the fast growing popularity of Business Tycoon Online, DOVOGAME has announced the release of their twelfth server “Monte Carlo” on May 13th. “Monte Carlo” will feature two new and exciting events that further build on the currently in progress “Deep-sea Treasure Hunt” where players can hunt for treasure and receive rewards.

DOVOGAME has released the following description of the event to their players:

“In order to encourage Tycoons to bring back as much treasure and riches to Liberty City as they can, Major Bryan has made the executive decision to institute two incentive-laden events.

The first will rank Tycoons based on the amount of treasure they hunt and find. Mayor Bryan has gathered together some great items for those who are willing to brave the deep. Players who find the most treasure can get ready to be rewarded with more treasure!

The second is Mayor Bryan’s Treasure Rush event. Here players are rewarded just for hunting treasure. There are no rankings, just rewards for the amount you hunt, and the more treasure you hunt the better the rewards will become! “

The announcement adds another fun and exciting server to the BTO world. With this addition and more improvements and servers on the way, BTO is definitely the online browser game to be playing.

Be sure to check out the Official BTO site at for more information on this event as well as other BTO news.

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