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Business Tycoon Online begins Masks of the World event

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From August 10th onward, Business Tycoon Online is hosting a special “Masks of the World” event.

Players in the top ten ranks in ranking activities in Central Square will receive a cool-looking, and possibly rare, mask. Masks bring bonuses to tycoon’s businesses, and include global looks from Asia, Africa, Australia, and the Americas.

The recent update also adds new activities to compete in, and helps store owners see the caps of their stores and employees on the information screen.

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The Original Press Release:

“Masks of the World” event announced for Business Tycoon Online

DOVOGAME has announced the release of an exciting new event for their game Business Tycoon Online. The so called “Masks of the World” event brings culture and history to the fast paced life of Liberty City. The popular web game will feature different masks that players will be able to collect and wear.

DOVOGAME had this to say about the event in their official announcement.

“These masks will not only provide tycoons with a cool new look but also provide huge bonuses to their businesses! The cooler looking and rarer the mask, the higher the bonus it will bring to the business. “Masks of the World” features masks, headdresses, crowns and even full raiment from around the globe; Asia, Africa, Australia and the Americas are all represented.”

This new event looks to bring an exciting twist to BTO, where now items will help players not only statistically but also in the all-important area aesthetic appeal.
For more details on this event, please see the official BTO website:

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