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Bright Shadow launches Episode II

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Episode 2, the next major update for Bright Shadow, has gone live, adding a whole new element of gaming for its players.

The update adds 12 new zones to Abraxia, areas that include new Umbra and more for players to discover. Zones include the town of Mirage Oasis, the Cursed Desert, the Mystique Pyramid, and Death Valley; five new dungeons are  Amethyst Cave, Waterfall Tunnel, Sandfall Maze, Underworld Castle, and Vampire Castle.

To be able to enjoy these zones, players have had their level cap raised from 70 to 99.  Players may also now access the third level of class advancement, opening up new skills and gear.

The Original Press Release:

Bright Shadow Issues a Call to Adventurers with Episode II

Los Angeles – June 28, 2010 – Gamepot USA

Gamepot USA brings the next content expansion, Episode II, to Bright Shadow, its inspired, free-to-play massively multi-player online role-playing game.  With the previous expansion, players were introduced to the all-new continent of Abraxia, a strange and wondrous land with areas unexplored. Bright Shadow Episode II conjures epic new adventures for players to experience, from new monsters to battle and summon, to exciting new high-level rewards and a brand new set of quests that must be played to be believed. Also featured in Episode II are a third tier of prestige classes, enhancing an already deep class system to over 21 possible paths of destiny. “Bright Shadow’s continued expansion is a true landmark for players, as they’ll have the chance to advance their character, and experience all-new content, in addition to summoning some of the baddest beasts to battle in-game.” Says Thomas Lee, Senior Director of Business Development.  “We look forward to seeing players partake in the latest adventure.”

The new regions of Abraxia transport players into 12 all-new zones, filled with quests and fearsome Umbra, including the uncharted deserts of inner Abraxia the town of Mirage Oasis, the Cursed Desert, the immense Mystique Pyramid, and aptly named Death Valley. Players will also find five new and deviously challenging dungeons: Amethyst Cave, Waterfall Tunnel, Sandfall Maze, Underworld Castle, and Vampire Castle. Players can also look forward to a raised level cap from level 70 to level 99, where exhilarating endgame content awaits! As they progress through Episode II, players will be able to study and master new specialties: the third level of class advancement will unlock new abilities and powers for all classes. From Paladins to Magi to Soul Masters, players are sure to experience a new level of power. With Episode II, Luciena’s war against the evil Umbra will continue to be exciting for new and old players alike!

Aspiring adventurers are encouraged to check out Gamepot USA’s Bright Shadow website, and the Facebook page at!/pages/Bright-Shadow/146203295844?ref=ts

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