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Brawlhalla Launches on PS4 This Month

Console fans of Brawlhalla do not have much longer to wait! Next week, the hit platform-fighter hits PS4! October 17th is the date, and it launches officially on PS4 and PC on that date! In addition, a new Corsair Legend drops on Oct. 18th! She joins the arena with a new weapon type, the cannon. Warriors can use the cannon to crush foes and blast them away, opening up a completely new fighting style. Pick from the bravest, baddest fighters in history and enter the Grand Tournament of Valhalla in Brawlhalla! Each of the 34 Legends have their own playstyle, weapons, so that everyone has something that will appeal to them! The best part is that it’s free! You can buy the Founders Pack/All Legends pack, which will give you access to all current and future characters which is absolutely worth it!

“The Brawlhalla community has grown bigger than ever on PC and now we’re ready to welcome PlayStation 4 players into the fold,” said Matt Woomer, Creative Director, Blue Mammoth Games. “It’s the perfect time to become a Brawlhallaplayer. Our newest Legend allows for an entirely new playstyle, the Brawlhalla World Championship Expo is soon, and we will soon enable cross-play, bringing all our fans together in grand competition.”

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