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Brawl Busters releases Rumble in the Box

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Rock Hippo Productions has released their latest content patch for Brawl Busters, titled Rumble in the Box. A new map and new features have been released as part of the update.

Riot Mill is the new map, in which players fight on a multi-tiered arena.  Players now also have the chance to receive a rare Lucky Key drop.  This key opens a Lucky Box with several rare and powerful items inside.  The game store has also released Wildcat items for every class.

Crews are also now available to players.  Crews allow players to team up and compete against one another and other crews to show off who the best crew is.  The level cap has also been raised to 25 in the patch.  Players can choose additional options for their matches now, from such things as time limits and kill amounts.

Rock Hippo Productions also publishes MicroVolts.

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Crews Debut And Gameplay Updates

Markham, Canada – April 18, 2012 – Rock Hippo Productions announced today their highly popular free-to-play multiplayer action-combat game, Brawl Busters, is ready to think outside the box with their newest update: Rumble in the Box! To check out the action packed online game, players can visit and join in the mayhem.

The new map, Riot Mill, is now open for brawling! Grind your opponents to a pulp on this multi-level arena like there’s no tomorrow.

From now on, players have a chance to get an elusive Lucky Key drop. Use these with a Lucky Box to acquire special items like Hero Sets and Golden Weapons that are not otherwise available for sale.

Ready for some serious shopping? The game store has been updated with beastly Wildcat costumes & weapon sets for every class. Will you beat out the competition like Kentucky?

It’s time to team up: the first phase of Crews is now available. Busters can gang up together, join other Crews, and check out Crew Rankings in the Busters Centre which is located on Brawl Busters website at

Last but not least, there’s more brawling to be done than ever before, as the level cap has been increased from 20 to 25! Players can also now refine their matches with a variety of additional customization options, including altering the number of kills required and match time limits.

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