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Brawl Busters Launches On Steam

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Brawl Busters, one of Rock Hippo Production’s action-packed MMOs, is now available on Steam.

Players can download the game for free from Steam’s store starting today. The game will also soon be releasing a web mall, a browser-accessible version of the cash shop, and will also be introducing Clan Support in the near future.

Rock Hippo Productions also publishes MicroVolts.



Web Mall and Clans Coming Soon

Markham, Canada – February 17, 2012 – Rock Hippo Productions announced today their popular free-to-play online multiplayer action game, Brawl Busters, is now available to download and play via the Steam client. Starting today, players can access all the brawling while retaining all the perks of the Steam interface! Head over to Steam and download the game from the Store for free!

Brawl Busters Web Mall is coming! Very soon, players will be able to purchase items for their Buster via the mall, personalize their character, temporarily boost their stats, and much more. Valentine’s themed items are available now for a limited time.

Rock Hippo is also excited to announce the upcoming Clan support! Busters will be able to group together and represent their crew! More information will be revealed in the near future, and players can watch the official Brawl Busters Facebook Page for updates.

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