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Bounty Bay Online announces Atlantis expansion

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Bounty Bay Online has announced its fourth add-on expansion, Atlantis, set to launch on September 22nd.

The new expansion will send players both into the Northern Islands of the Arctic Sea as well as to the tropical Binimi Islands. In addition to these new instances, players can enjoy a raised level cap of 150, new equipment for all character classes that include set bonuses, and new armor crafting. A new reward system for discoveries found in game will also be incorporated.

Bounty Bay Atlantis Screenshots:

The Original Press Release:

New ‘Atlantis’ Add-On on the Horizon

Fourth expansion to Bounty Bay Online to arrive in Autumn 2010

Berlin, 06/08/2010: Frogster is to release a legendary underwater world this autumn. ‘Bounty Bay Online – Atlantis’ will be the fourth add-on to the pirate-themed MMO and will take high-level players to the synonymous sunken city, as well as other new locations, to take on new challenges starting from 22/09/2010.

‘Bounty Bay Online – Atlantis’ will see players setting anchor on the unexplored coasts of new island regions which are also host to two new instances. The journey will lead players through the Northern Islands deep in the Arctic Sea as well as to the more tropical climes of the Binimi Islands. Courageous players can also expect challenging opponents in an icy high-level instance in the Northern Islands. On the Binimi Islands in the Atlantic players can find the entrance to Atlantis, an enigmatic underwater world complete with its own challenging instance which awaits exploration.

The expansion includes a level cap raise up to a maximum of 150, a new reward system for discoveries, new armour sets for all character classes, set bonuses, and new armour crafting options.

Further information will soon be available on the official website of Bounty Bay Online: .

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