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Bloodline Champions releases Dawn of Relics

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The Dawn of Relics update is now live for Bloodline Champions.

The update introduces a new beginner quest that rewards players with a free Bloodline (players who own all Bloodlines will earn Blood Coins instead). A new medallion and traits system introduces character progression, letting you now modify health, damage, movement and cooldowns on your bloodline.

A new matchmaking system lets players join as a party, and has been improved to make matchmaking faster and better. Other changes include an overhaul to the Bloodgate UI, new items, and rebalancing to several classes and skills.

Bloodline Champions is published by Funcom, which also publishes Age of Conan.

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We have added a new starter quest which gives you a free Bloodline as reward! The new quest is primarily meant for beginners, so veteran players will most likely get their free Bloodline reward simply by showing up! If you already own all Bloodlines, you have the ability to choose Blood Coins as a reward instead.

Once the patch is live, you may log in and claim your reward

The Progression System
You asked for it, and here it comes. With our all new medallion and traits systems, we are finally introducing true character progression to Bloodline Champions! You can now modify vital aspects like health, damage, movement and cool down, making it possible to customize your bloodline according to your play style!

New Matchmaking System
Finding matches in Bloodline Champions suddenly got a whole lot easier! We have done a complete revamp of the matchmaking system, and it will now be better, easier and faster to find the matches and opponents you seek. Now you can also join as a party to easier play with friends! Try it out today, and see how it improves your gameplay experience.

Along with the new Matchmaking System also comes a new season, we are now entering Season 3.

The Biggest Patch to Date
That’s not all! This is the biggest Bloodline Champions content update since launch, so expect to find a number of great additions to the game, including the Troll medallion (a dev team favorite) and an entirely new arena called The Hanging Garden of Savir.

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