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Bloodline Champions Enters Open Beta

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The arena based fighting MMO Bloondline Champions is now in open beta! The Swedish game is being published by Funcom, best known for Anarchy Online and Age of Conan. Bloodline Champions is a team based game where groups of players fight it out in in various game modes. Its a competitive game, with action oriented gameplay. Teamwork, and individual skill determine the outcome of a match.

A Team Preparing for a Fight

While free to play, the game has several retail options. Gamers interested in learning more about Bloodline Champions should check out our preview page, and read the full release below!

Full Release:

Open Beta has started! We just launched huge improvements to the game!

We can now announce that Bloodline Champions will launch in mid-January next year. Pre-order now to get all the exclusive in-game rewards early — including four all-new bloodlines! Log in today and check out these improvements:

* Holiday gift: Everyone logging into the game before now and December 24th will receive a unique skin for their thorn bloodline!

* Four new bloodlines now launched: The Blood Priest, Stalker, Guardian and Seeker are now available!

* Updated render engine for high-end systems: Bloodline Champions has never before looked so stunning with new state of the art effects!

* Several updates to the core game: Optimizations, new team and victory displays at the beginning and end of combat and loads of other features!

* New capture the artifact map released: Be the first to step on the bloodsoaked ground of Sheltida the Sky Temple!

* Bloodcoin generation is now in effect: Gain bloodcoins through play and purchase bloodlines and a wealth of other items once the game goes live!

* Rotation is in effect: four different bloodlines (one of each archetype) are made available to free players each week! Bloodlines you have purchased are always available!

* In-game Voice-over-IP now active: Talk to your team and let your team talk to you over the new Voice-over-IP technology from Vivox that is now built into the game!

* Stats reset: All stats and ladders have reset, giving everyone equal chances to enter the higher leagues. Can you or your team reach the Diamond League?

* Servers are now open 24/7: As we are nearing the launch we are also ramping up our quality of service, and will keep servers up at all times except during maintenance and patching.

* Open Beta: There are no more need for special keys as the game is now open to anyone, bring your friends to and see if you have what it takes to be the masters of the battlefield!

There are two editions of the game available now: the “Champion Edition” and the “Titan Edition”. The “Champion Edition” has an optional “Bloodlust Upgrade” that includes the four bloodlines that were just released!

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