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Blood Bowl Creators Tackling New Football Sim

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Blood Bowl

The most iconic name in football sims, Front Page Sports Football, is warmed up and taking to the field September 25, and today Cyanide Studio offers a quick look at how to plan and execute your strategy for a game using Gameplan and Playbook.

Front Page Sports Football allows you to prepare for your next opponent in two ways; delving through a team or individual player’s stats, such as rushing and passing and much more; and by watching your opponents’ previous games in 2D or 3D to get inside their tactics.

Armed with this knowledge, you can customize your Gameplan with plays to hammer at your opponent’s weakness. On the field, your players will choose the appropriate play for the situation from the Gameplan, but the best coaches know how to adapt, changing the Gameplan on the fly to maximize an advantage or respond to a crisis.

Your Playbook is a handpicked collection of 80 offensive and 60 defensive strategies drawn from over 2,300 plays. But, a play is only as strong as the athletes on the field. Effectiveness hinges not only on a player’s position and stats, but also his previous experience with the play.

Each player has over 20 stats capable of influencing plays and the overall gameplan, including weight, agility, speed, morale, and even fame. Of course, proper training is critical, and it’s up to you whether you push for quick and short-lived gains for the next game, or focus on developing better overall players for the seasons to come.

Front Page Sports Football launches September 25, 2014 for PC. You can find more info and the newly released screenshots at:

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