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Block N Load Enters Closed Beta

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Block N Load Beta Launch

Block N Load, the recently announced online multiplayer action game from Jagex has now progressed into its Closed Beta phase. The title, in development for PC and scheduled for launch on Steam in early 2015, has undergone a range of updates and advancements and is now ready for a limited public play test. Keys will be available from a range of media and partner sites as well as from the official website at


  • Ever-evolving battlefields in every match, as players shoot and build towards enemy positions, meaning no game is the same
  • Diverse heroes offer a strong mix of roles for full combat, defensive and supportive team strategies, meaning there is a role for all types of gamers
  • Every game has a blend of intelligent and creative tactics, fused with strategic shooter action where building and blocks are as powerful as bullets and smarts are as important as shooter skills

“We’ve had huge interest in Block N Load since we announced the game just a few weeks ago, so it’s great to be able to confirm that it has now reached the important closed beta milestone,” said David Solari, vice president of Block N Load. “For this we’re going to distribute a substantial number of keys directly and through partners, and are looking forward to receiving player feedback as they get involved with our range of madcap heroes, such as Doctor Eliza, Cogwheel, Sarge, as well as all the other blockheads.”

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