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Bless Online’s New PVP Mode and Balance Changes Come In This Patch

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Patch 1.2.0 of Bless Online comes to Steam servers today, and it focuses on class balance, in particular to buffing Rangers and Berserkers. All classes have given given a slight DPS boost to bring the combat more in┬áline with what they are after and how the players want it. This update also introduces Ceranon Arena, which is a 3v3 PVP mode. It’s a small-scale battle from both factions, as they do battle in a best-of-five match, and players can join through the War UI. If you are at least level 45 you can join in for ten minutes in each round, and a maximum of 50 minutes for an entire match. The victor has winning 3 rounds or if all players from the opposite faction die or exit the battle. The complete patch notes can be found below.

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