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Bless Online Challenges Players With a New Dungeon Today

Bless Online First 2019 Update

Today’s Bless Online update from Neowiz wishes its players a Happy 2019, with a brand new content drop. This update is designed to test the skill and strength of their max-level players. The Wise Ones’ Mausoleum Elite dungeon recommends a party of five, but it does have some of the best possible gear drops in the game right now. This includes a brand-new legendary helmet. The first in-game event of 2019 also comes in this update, and it’s focused on Basel Gorge. This will begin after today’s (January 9th) patch, and players can receive Certificates of Valor when they defeat monsters in Basel Gorge. They can also receive these from Basel Gorge daily quests.

These Certificates can be used to craft Lucky Chests. Lucky Chests may contain buff effect foods, weapon skins, temporary flying mounts, or various enhancement materials to make your gear even more powerful. These chests can also drop off of Monsters themselves. Beginning with today’s update, the Special Currency Shop will be getting a ton of oft-requested items including portable NPC summons called Popochita On-Demand Services which will allow players access the Market, Personal Chest Manager, General Merchant, and Blacksmith from anywhere in the world.

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