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Blade & Soul Showcases Prestige and Open World PvP

NCSoft today released rather specific details of how their Prestige currency and flagging for PvP is intended to work in the western edition of Blade & Soul.

Those that have enjoyed the thrill of open world battling in the past, whether factionless or under faction guidelines, has likely experienced the gambit of cheap tactics such as early log outs, turning off pvp flagging, channel dodging, or zone retreating. Blade & Soul tantalizes would be combatants with a single session reward currency called Prestige, that can be earned for killing flagged rival faction members within a set level gap of yourself. This currency doesn’t act like most MMORPG currency though as it must be turned in to a faction NPC to reap the rewards of what you’ve collected.

Now here’s where it takes a turn. Should you do any of the above annoying PvP dodging acts, you will lose any Prestige you have built up. Should you try to get away with a Windstride port, you’ll lose your Prestige. Should you die in combat before turning your Prestige in, you will also lose it all. This adds an element of risk/reward in deciding on if you should quit while you’re ahead, or fight one more battle to amplify your total turn-in rewards.

This all won’t just be random encounters though. The Cerulean Order and Crimson Legion will be beckoned to battle over various areas to gain additional rewards. If you show your dedication over time, you can even rise through the ranks from 10 to 1 to show your master status among your chosen side.

For full details, check the blog post at Blade & Soul’s website.

Blade & Soul Territory Map

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