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Blade 9 Launches CBT on September 9th

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Blade 9

GBE Games’ is set to launch the Closed Beta Test of the new free-to-play MMORPG, Blade 9 on September 9, 2014!

Blade 9 is a fantasy MMORPG set in the orient in a mythical world. The tale of the story revolves around 9 legendary artifacts known as “Ruin Weapons”. Legends say that long before the land and people were divided, the heavens bestowed these Ruins to the earth in order to protect it from the powers of darkness. When evil, lead by the Tyrant of the Void began its reign on the land; nine knights capable of wielding these weapons joined forces and unlocked a power so unimaginable that the land itself separated. The Tyrant of the Void was vanquished, but the remnants of the fierce battle were apparent. The knights sacrificed their lives to save the realm and the ruin weapons themselves scattered across the world.

It’s been over a millennium since these weapons have been lost. The world is an entirely different place, separated into factions; these many kingdoms now reside peacefully within their own accord. However, a malevolent King from one of the ruling kingdoms wishes to collect all 9 ruins and become the ruler of the world. His thirst for power threatens the existing peace. His tyranny must be stopped!

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