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BlackShot releases Second World War update

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BlackShot Europe has released its latest update, The Second World War.

The update adds new realism to characters, a new multi-weapon system where players can choose their weapons mid-battle, and new items from the World War II era. From June 2 through June 5, players will also get boosts to experience and points, as well as be able to find vouchers in-game for great new items.

BlackShot is published by TwoWar.

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BlackShot Europe: The Second World War Release

eFusion MMOG has announced that their latest game update for BlackShot Europe “The Second World War” has been officially released.

The update provides special items to let players experience the Second World War’s atmosphere
and new exciting features. New, more realistic characters and a brand new multi-weapon-system, granting players
more versatility and flexibility in choosing their weapons, are available.
Moreover, eFusion MMOG will drop vouchers in-game, containing great items to enjoy the new features and content
in addition to a boost in experience and points for every player from June 2nd until 5th.

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