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Black Gold Online: Guild vs. Guild Territory dispute

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Black Gold Online

In Black Gold Online, the world is getting a bit desperate. The two sides are fighting for control, but even within each faction, there are smaller groups forming, teaming up to hold on to their resources, to their little chunk of the map. They can get ambitious, even vicious at times. That’s where the Guilds come in.” Senior Content Lead Johnny Lau said in today’s DevSpeak.

In Black Gold Online, players who reach a certain level will be able to create, manage, and join Guilds. Guilds bestow upon their leaders, officers, and members certain benefits and responsibilities. Johnny Lau puts it this way:

“For our Guilds, we didn’t want it to be ‘Ok, we all join the same guild, now we’re the strongest, everyone else is helpless.’ We wanted a system where you needed to manage affairs, in both structural and free-form ways, and where many small guilds could take on a big one, if they did things right.”
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